TopicDifferences Between Dungeons and Raids in WoW Classic

  • Tue 23rd Jun 2020 - 10:07am

    In Classic World of Warcraft, most of your wow classic gold activities are centered around raids and high-level dungeons. You already know how to run the dungeon because you have been doing this since level 15, but raid raids are fairly new, and most raids can be performed after level 55. In some ways, raids and dungeons are the same, but they also have some important differences. Keep in mind the following five key differences.

    Bag Space

    In the dungeon, your bags fills up quickly, so empty it before you set off. A large number of low-level or useless items will fall and you can sell them into gold or break them down into reagents and other materials. However, the level of the assault was completely different. When you get there full of luggage will rupture and reduce weight. During the raid, you need to bring a lot of things, consumables such as potions and light yellow food are just the tip of the iceberg. Combination classes may even require space for another set of armor, depending on their role.


    Assault One of the new things about assault is the need for "attuned." Players often don't hear the word even before they reach the upper limit of the level. You can walk into most dungeons without even thinking about it, and although level restrictions may make you inaccessible, you can carry out a raid without coordination, and UBRS may be the exception and you need the key. Some of them are easier, such as the Molten Core tuning, which includes touching a rock to complete a task. No, really, that's it. In contrast, the elaborate Onyxia coordinator consists of a long task chain and several UBRS visits.

    Class Assignments

    In the dungeon, your role is implied in your class, and more implicitly. In a combination class such as a shaman, druid, or paladin, only the lower level class can take on more complex Roles. For example, mages are just DPS, their specifications are not important at this point, but in places like Molten Core, fire mages are not very useful.

    In a dungeon, the warlock may give the healer a soul stone just to make it friendly, but this is not necessarily required. On the other hand, during a raid, the Warlock was assigned the Soul Stone quest and provided the Life Stone, which overlapped with the "know your Role" at the beginning of the list.

    Number of People

    This is obvious, but we still have to point it out. It's worth noting that if you have a few friends who want to go, you can bring a raid team to various places and buy wow gold, including dungeons. However, you cannot always accomplish the same task as a team raid, so it is not always effective and the dungeon is overwhelming for five people. On the other hand, the raid began with 10 people on the Blackrock Spire and started with 40 people in the Heart of Molten. Given the complexity of the attack, you can see that summoning a Classic attack into a pick-up group (PUG) can be daunting, but in modern retail games this is possible.

    Real-Time Communication

    Being able to communicate in real time with other members of your team is always helpful, but in a dungeon, this is an option and in a raid it is essential. The biggest difference between dungeon and raid is in the more complicated trash and boss fights. If things don't go as planned, such as losing a Tank or Healer early in an encounter, your team will have to improvise. This works better, you can talk about it in real time instead of typing. There is only a few seconds of free time between you and the wipe, we are gamers, not typists.

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