TopicRuneScape - Telos P5 and colour blindness

  • Wed 25th Dec 2019 - 9:31am

    Hello, afresh i was afraid to see Jagex assuredly acknowledging the actuality that some of us acquire agitation with telos because of colour amaurosis (thanks, bigger backward than never) and fabricated a colourblind access for the bang-up which is a adequate start.

    However what was afflicted wasn't what the affair was, or maybe for some but 95% of the complaints i've heard about telos p5 was not about the red and blooming beams, but the red + atramentous VIRUS.

    After audition about the colourblind access i was absorbed and acquisitive to try it out. Abominably i realise bound that its still appealing abundant a 50/50 assumption as to if i go to the appropriate axle or not. I don't apperceive what it is about the virus colours but i just deceit acquaint them afar for shit, even the addict bar looks identical to me. The red + atramentous beams i acquire no affair with, i dont even commonly acquire an affair with red and atramentous in accepted either. But ive heard from a brace others with the aforementioned affair and they're not even colourblind.

    I've approved assorted altered skyboxes which none absolutely helped, its absolutely annoying accepting to go through p1-4 every time you wanna analysis a skybox out just to acquisition out it does annihilation afresh echo the action 50 times, ive aswell approved aggravating to acquire the differences the debuff icons accessory to anniversary other, ive even approved cutting all white apparel lol annihilation helps.

    I apperceive you can hover over the addict bar to see what colour your virus is from there but a. it takes consistently for the argument to appear, by that time you've already taken a bulk of accident and b. there's so abounding added places my abrasion would rather be mid annihilate afresh aerial over a addict bar aggravating to apprehend something as i'm accepting slapped by aggregate at once.

    Can a pop up box be added to say "telos has adulterated you with the ___ virus" or something please? Or accomplish your accomplished appearance about-face the virus colour or something? Or both? Maybe the pop up box could be a toggle incase it would be annoying but there's so abounding of those in administration for things which don't even charge one i don't see how abacus accession would hurt.

    I apperceive some Jmods are colourblind and it affects like 10% of players which is a appealing big bulk so i'm just apprehensive why accepting like this is a botheration to activate with? In approaching can administration be developed with this in mind? If there's a basal artisan which relies on you to acquaint a colour afar amuse add a argument box to accompaniment that...

    Haven't apparent anyone acknowledgment issues at telos aback the amend and was kinda acquisitive anyone would acquire said something but aback I haven't apparent annihilation mentioned i absitively to accomplish a post. If anyone who's apprehend this had the aforementioned affair about the red + atramentous virus as i did, has the blooming axle colour change done annihilation for you at all? Can you telos accomplished now? Or am I abandoned now lol I would absolutely like to telos but its just not fun as it is now, RuneScape gold amuse can something be done with the red + atramentous virus? Aswell could this not yield accession 3 and a bisected years to apparatus please? PLEASE!?!? Appealing abundant ran out of things to do these days, it absolutely sucks accepting larboard out of the a lot of accordant bang-up on rs., as a team of highly demanding and skilled gamers, has specialized in offering various kinds of RS products for years, including gold, account, items, power leveling and more with 24 hour online support. In the past years, we have dealt with millions of orders for hundreds and thousands of customers, building a firm customer base. We sincerely thank each of customers for his/her long term support and trust, and we are striving to keep improving our site and our service to repay all of customers, both old and new.

  • Thu 18th Jun 2020 - 11:22am

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