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  • Thu 19th Nov 2020 - 10:08am

    <h1>Finding The Best Email Marketing Service For You</h1>


    <p>Download Pronto's ultimate email campaign checklist to see what you're missing in your email marketing strategy. Armed with all these tips, you might be eager to start sending out as many emails as you can. You don’t want to flood their inbox with marketing messages about everything you offer -- they might get annoyed and unsubscribe. Equipped with this powerful information, you can now really tailor your marketing message to people who will use it. Try sending your emails on different days of the week or different times of the day to see when you get the best response rate. These are usually informational or promotional messages sent to people who asked you to keep them updated, such as prospects, clients, reporters, vendors, affiliates, etc.</p>

    <p>Following tactic of personalization in my messages, because I always appreciate the personal touch myself. Next, segmentation - real assistant for you and your audience, it filters out everything you don't need and everybody that won't be interested in your topic. Mobile-friendliness that's is the point I was never outlined and thought of. 4 & 5 Testing and automation are included in my plan from provider.Thanks again for the content, now I know gaps in my strategy, that I could work on. Email is one of the most important factors for any business success and everyone should implement an email marketing strategy. Your article will surely help marketers and small business owners like me to understand email marketing strategy. Worse still, our own email marketing research found that 20% of email campaigns are not optimized for mobile.</p>

    <p>By sending emails that don’t match their brand image, they create an inconsistent experience that annoys and confuses your prospects. By segmenting your emails to send them only to your most interested subscribers , you will improve open and clickthru rates will reducing unsubscribes and spam complaints. The bigger your email list, the more leads & customers you’ll be able to reach with the click of a button.</p>

    <p>This makes it easy to prompt a satisfied customer to start shopping once their review is complete. Transactional emails are sent during checkout and other purchasing actions and are more functional in nature, sending key information to individual customers.</p>

    <p>Let's get into how to create an effective email marketing campaign of your own. Facebook Ads Help your business make new friends Find new people, connect with your customers, and sell more stuff. Welcome automation Make a great first impression Make your new subscribers feel at home the moment they sign up. All email clients are created differently, which means that the campaign you designed in Mailchimp might look slightly different in your subscribers’ inboxes. Be sure to check the emails on mobile devices as well as they can look different in responsive designs. When designing email campaigns, focus on your message and keep your design straightforward. Your email marketing schedule will depend on your industry, the types of content you send , and your sending frequency.</p>

    <p>There are many robust and cost-effective email marketing tools to choose from, so don’t get caught up trying to pick one that’s “perfect.” You can always switch providers down the line. Email marketing is relatively unique in its ability to drive the first sale as well as unlock more revenue from your most valuable customers. Search engines and social media platforms are great for getting discovered by future customers, but email remains the best way to maintain and strengthen existing relationships over time. If your ecommerce business hasn’t taken the time to adopt email marketing, you’re likely leaving money on the table. To prove it, here are four reasons to consider employing email in your marketing mix. Email marketing is the practice of sending marketing messages to prospective and current customers via email in order to sell, educate, or build loyalty.</p>

    <p>Consider time-zones when scheduling campaigns to maximize the chances of the email being read. Analyzing key email marketing metrics will teach you how to do better in future campaigns. As a beginner email marketer, there’ll always be areas of improvement. Most people tend to only visit their inbox a few times each day. Find a time that’ll put you top of the inbox when subscribers are checking their emails. A welcome email is an automated message sent to new customers and subscribers.</p>

    <p>The best marketing emails are optimized for mobile devices, respect the customers, and follow a regular schedule while mixing up the messaging. Here are a few strategies for making the most of your email marketing campaigns. A restaurant, for instance, might send an email to customers on their birthdays offering 50% off an entree. This kind of personalization helps a business develop and maintain a relationship with a customer—and that can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. A regular newsletter is a simple and effective way to send updates about your company, upcoming events, and special offers. Email software also makes it easy to schedule automated promotional emails for customers who haven't purchased recently. Once you’ve got the hang of email marketing, automate your email marketing strategy to make your business grow even faster.</p>

    <h2>Advanced Email Marketing Tools</h2>

    <p>The 30-day and 90-day calendars containing the planned email campaigns that will intentionally move a prospect through the customer journey. Inactive subscribers raise your costs and hurt your deliverability. They’re also the ones most likely to complain when they see your emails in their inbox.</p>

    <p>Wishpond has over 40 native integrations and connects with 1000+ other apps. Our team will help you get campaigns up on your website, email’s synced, and sales coming through in no time.</p>

    <p>The how, where, and when of acquisition are as critical a factor in the success of that email program as anything else you can create. A relevant and engaged audience is crucial to deliverability success and having the right audience is a good start. Businesses can use HubSpot to automatically send relevant content, attachments, links, CTAs and subject lines that will boost email open and click-through rates. This tool also includes A/B testing to track what methods earn better engagement rates and sales. For example, if a customer has only ever purchased women’s clothing from your site, you’ll want to showcase those types of products in your emails.</p>

    <p>In this eBook, we cover actionable steps to optimize your email marketing eCommerce strategy, increase brand awareness and drive conversions. In this comprehensive guide, we cover actionable steps to optimize your email marketing strategy, increase brand awareness and drive conversions. Email marketing can seem like a daunting, time-consuming, and frustrating task, and let’s be honest, sometimes it is. But if you put some effort into it, and you’re willing to learn by trial and error, the seeds you sow today will allow you to reap benefits over time. That ultimately translates to gaining more customers, users, clients, sales, and subscriptions without making a huge dent in your marketing budget.</p>

    <p>Any successful business knows repeat customers are how your business will achieve sustainable growth over time. And now is the time to include email marketing into your digital marketing strategy. Your information about how to create an email marketing strategy is amazing, thank you very much. True email marketing is about making real connections with people who want to hear from you.</p>

    <p>This information can include product orders, cost, shipping addresses, phone numbers and, of course, email addresses. To take full advantage of this information, businesses need to transfer customer purchase data into a marketing automation tool, like HubSpot.</p>

    <p>Two-column sections can also be built into the layout to break up the content, highlight products, or drive viewers to a website for more information. There was a time in the not-so-distant past when people could only check their emails on their desktops or laptops. As more businesses turn to email as a cheaper and arguably more effective marketing tactic, software solutions are developing ways to personalize messages intended for different groups of people. The most important benefits for readers should appear in the top half of an email, or above the fold, to grab their attention. It may be tempting to cram as much information as possible into that space, but Litmus’s findings suggest that people will read longer emails with relevant, meaningful, and engaging content. That means you should develop momentum at the beginning of your email and keep readers engaged with your content until the very end. Highlight direct benefits for readers to grab their attention quickly.</p>

    <p>Whether you're just getting started with email marketing or dreaming up your next big campaign, our guide reveals what email campaigns work best and how to make the most of every broadcast. Sends welcome emails to new subscribers, wishes clients a happy birthday and delivers coupons to your best customers. Whether you already have an existing list of subscribers or are starting from scratch, email marketing services can help organize these contacts. All of the services we cover let you add contacts manually using copy and paste or by uploading CSV or Microsoft Excel files. Some integrate with third-party software enabling you to import Gmail and other webmail contacts,Salesforceand other CRM data, or other software where you might have contacts stored. Depending on the size and location of your list, third-party integration could be key. Verify whether you can export contacts as well should you leave the service.</p>

    <p>But if you’ve read this far, you’re probably a bit more serious about email and are interested in a long term strategy as well. With these six steps, you'll be on your way to growing your email list exponentially and creating a more robust, effective email marketing plan. Typically we do this by offering some sort of discount, bonus, free report, or other small giveaway for anyone who provides you with their email list. Then you’ll be interested in one of our high-performance lead generation email campaigns.</p>

    <p>The results, in turn, allow you to refine your email marketing strategy and select which email the rest of your target audience will receive. Most service providers offer customer support through live chat or a toll-free number if you have problems with tasks such as designing an email, managing your contact list and deciphering analytics.</p>

    <p>For example, Carol Tice sends a last-ditch-effort email to her inactive subscribers that says, “Do I bore you? Probably the most obvious problem is when your email gets sent to the subscriber’s spam folder.</p>

    <p>For this reason, it’s very important to stay current with your welcome campaigns. The risk of triggering spam filters is compounded if you ever find that you have a backlog of new email sign-ups. When you build a house, the first thing that is built is the foundation. That same concept applies when you are building your email marketing program.</p>

    <p>As a small business, you might not be able to go around giving free stuff to your customers, but a little something extra can go a long way. Rewarding your customers is a nice gesture, and from your side, it’s a great way to accelerate your marketing goals. For example, the emails you receive when you browse Amazon, but don’t buy anything, are a drip email marketing automation at work.</p>

    <p>Sending the same messages to different groups of people might not always get similar results from each one. Someone might be interested in your brand, but just doesn’t want your emails anymore. If its tough to get off your list, that positive brand sentiment can quickly evaporate, to the extent they choose a competitor instead. I mentioned in the introduction that email marketing is about sequencing rather than strategy. If you’re tagging subscribers using an email service provider like Infusionsoft, you can begin scoring them based on their behavior. For example, if a user ONLY clicks seating-related promotions, it’s safe to assume that you can focus your promotional campaigns related ONLY to seating.</p>

    <p>For sure, but we’ve also covered the best times to send email campaigns in the past, and we’ve found that Thursday mornings between 8-9 a.m. is an ideal window of opportunity to increase your open rates. One of the most stubborn misconceptions about email marketing is that you need an entire marketing department to handle running effective email campaigns. In an interview on the AWeber blog, Jabs said that combining social media with email marketing allowed he and his wife Betsy to transition from a passion project into a full-time business.</p>

    <p>For an online store, your sales sequence could include promo offers for products your subscriber has just viewed on your website. Timing can have a huge effect on whether or not your subscribers open your emails and on your conversion rate, so think carefully about what time and day you send your emails out. But before you get rid of them, try sending one more email campaign to try to re-engage your inactive subscribers.</p>

    <p>Before a potential subscriber provides you with their email address, there are a few questions they are likely to consider. You can even set up a lead generation campaign on Facebook geared towards collecting emails which you can then use in an email marketing campaign. Another big difference between email marketing and other forms of marketing is that people actually want to see your email promotions! Anyone on your email list purposefully provided you with their email address because they wanted more information on your brand. One little-known fact is that 66% of all emails in the U.S. are opened on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.</p>

    <p>In this case, A/B testing should make your decision a little easier, since you can send two versions of a message to a small sample of your target audience. Although the content and design elements should be similar, each email should prioritize different promotions in the subject line and body of the message. Building narrow emails by stacking content and design assets on top of each other to create a single column.</p>

    <p>I used all the tips from your article and I managed to improve my email marketing campaigns. The section on triggered email campaigns is very insightful and I think automation is necessary in a marketing strategy today. I am already on my way to your described perfect email marketing strategy.</p>

    <p>Once you get them involved in the process, you’ll know exactly how to provide valuable content in your emails. Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook, and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers. Too many marketers keep the focus on growing their email list, but they forget that there is no benefit of having more people on the list if you won’t reach the inboxes of your subscribers. Try email templates.Most email marketing services or marketing automation tools come with some creative and appealing templates that you can use to make email creation a sinch. Define your email marketing goals.This answers why you’re creating and sending every email.</p>

    <p>Just because email marketing might not be as “sexy” as social media doesn’t mean that the two can’t play nice. In fact, combining email marketing with a strong social media strategy can really pay off, as sustainable living blog DIY Natural discovered. A bounce-back email is an ideal campaign to run, or a campaign that delivers an offer on a product related to the product that was just purchased. After a customer buys a pillow, it’s a great time to send them an offer on bedsheets. Win-back email campaigns come in different shapes and sizes, but they’re all designed to lure lapsed customers back to positive purchasing behavior. You can also send customers to a survey available on your store.</p>

    <p>This average increased to 13.4 seconds in 2018, when Litmus conducted a follow-up analysis of 10 billion opened emails. This means the subject line of each email serves as a promise between you and your target audience. It’s important for these people to see your message and take action, but if you mislead them, they may either ignore future emails from you or mark you as spam. If done right, your emails could turn prospective leads into regular patrons, users, visitors, clients, customers, or even fervent fans. At the same time, your plans should be flexible so you can test which type of emails work best, analyze the results, and use those findings to adjust your approach. This could mean rethinking who your target audience is, reprioritizing content, and modifying how your emails are written or designed to make them more appealing. In practice, email A/B testing doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money before you can tell whether your email marketing campaign is on the right track.</p>

    <p>Marketing emails encompass a variety of content, but most are used to send newsletters, sales promotions, announcements, press releases, follow-ups, and surveys. In a study on their email list of 6,300 subscribers, Bluewire Media tested various types of content to see what led to the highest rates for opens and clicks. The winner was templates and tools, just the kind of freebies that email readers want. To be sure, finding the key to a stand-out message is critical to your bottom line—whether that bottom line is cold, hard cash or community engagement or anything in between. What follows are eight inbox-tested email marketing strategies that successful senders have used to get their emails clicked.</p>

    <p>The idea is to introduce your brand and any content that’ll establish your relationship with the subscriber — a welcome discount, link to latest articles, useful information, etc. Lots of email marketing solutions will try to lure you in with cheap entry plans for a small number of subscribers . The prices tend to jump significantly once your list grows beyond these limits . The first step is finding an ESP to send and manage your email campaigns and email subscribers. Great, because here’s where it gets exciting — learning how to launch an email marketing strategy, starting with your first email campaign. As we’ve just explained, a dedicated email marketing provider is the way to go. Sending marketing emails through an ISP will only put your brand and email sender reputation at risk.</p>

    <p>In addition, the email marketing agency's staff can help with tasks such as A/B testing. The agency also handles all contact management tasks, including building and segmenting your contact list. If you already know what you're looking for, visit ourbest picks pageto see which email marketing services we recommend and a complete list of vendors.</p>

    <p>In summary, email marketing services are meant to help businesses handle their email marketing needs. It can be part of an overall internet marketing together with SEO, social media or PPC marketing or it can be on its own. These email marketing service providers are the most commonly used and are all great choices for building and managing your campaigns. Another poor email marketing tactic you should never take advantage of is purchasing pre-made email lists. You should build up your email list with people who have a genuine interest in your company. Early mornings before people go to work, popular lunch break times, and evenings, when people get off work, are typically the most successful times to send out out emails.</p>

    <p>Over 1,000,000 businesses of all sizes have trusted the VerticalResponse platform with their email marketing needs. By running tests and looking at the metrics, you can learn to fine-tune and improve your email marketing. You can see what prospects are responding to, and tweak your marketing strategy to achieve the best results. In email marketing, if you’re not testing, you’re guessing. The best way to improve your email marketing results is to test them.</p>

    <p>While some trends come and go quickly, one of the channels that has remained more or less the same is email. In fact, email continues to be the top channel for content marketing with both B2C and B2B marketers. 87% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers use it to nurture their audience. This is a robust list of email marketing tips and tactics, but there are plenty more that could have been added. Do you have any techniques you think should have been mentioned? The subscribers on your email list may have unique interests or different backgrounds.</p>

    <h3>Bonus Chapter:advanced Email Marketing Strategies</h3>

    <p>Since you’ve already gotten permission to send emails, and you’ve chosen one of our recommended email marketing providers, you’re off to a great start. Email list segmentation is the process of breaking your subscribers into smaller groups based on specific criteria so that you can send them more personalized and relevant emails. MailerLite allows you to create responsive emails and autoresponders with A/B testing capability built in. You can also send targeted emails to specific subscribers. It is great for people who are just starting out, as it is easy to set up and it provides an intuitive user interface.</p>

    <p>Sender’s robust analytics feature is one of the top reasons why it’s on our list. It lets you track who opened your emails and clicked on the links, when they were opened and more.</p>

    <p>By creating customized campaigns, we’ll deliver new subscribers relevant content and calls-to-action—all designed to educate prospects on your products and push them toward making a purchase. We can set up trigger-based emails like this to send whenever a certain “trigger” occurs. Setting up these rules is a great way to improve customer satisfaction while maximizing sales and revenue. The CAN-SPAM Act was created to protect people from unwanted spam. As a result, commercial emails all have to follow several guidelines to make sure you are abiding by these rules. Unfortunately, many companies miss the boat on their email design.</p>

    <p>Order confirmations, receipts, and order-shipped emails all fall within this category. Customer accounts are valuable to businesses because they require shoppers to share relevant information—including their email address—and make purchasing history easier to track. The downside is many customers find it frustrating to create an account for a single shopping destination. Ask any online business owner about their biggest marketing regret and many will tell you it’s that they didn’t start collecting email addresses from Day 1. Learn from this frequent mistake and start growing your list of subscribers as soon as you can, even before you launch your business. The first step in getting started with email marketing is to choose email marketing software through which you’ll begin building your list.</p>

    <p>Managing users who unsubscribe should also be easy so you're not accidentally contacting anyone who has opted out of your newsletters. Deployed properly, AI helps personalize email content right down to the individual customer level, depending on how much information you can feed it from your CRM and sales systems. AI delivers strong capabilities, which means determining exactly how a potential email marketing service has implemented AI should be key criteria for most marketers before purchasing. Mailchimp rules the email marketing category, but it now adds domain and website hosting, a website builder, and CRM features. All of which not only help its customers but move Mailchimp towards full-on marketing automation.</p>

    <p>These tactics erode brands and create major deliverability issues. The address segments are characterized by a lack of response—very low open and low click rates. And because these users had never expected to receive email from the sender, the lists can generate many spam trap hits, higher bounces, unsubscribes, and complaints. That puts the sender’s deliverability reputation at risk and requires a great deal of effort to restore. Experts say sending email to new sign-ups always carries an elevated risk of triggering spam filters, due to the unproven nature of the new email address.</p>

    <p>Unless you have express permission to send them your email newsletters, your emails are spam. If you’ve been ignoring email marketing, it might be time to reevaluate your strategy. That’s why building a successful email marketing campaign is more important than ever for entrepreneurs. But there’s a problem—most people don’t know how to do it right. Dramatically increase your email marketing campaign ROI, boost inbox delivery, and protect valuable mailing reputation with best-in-class email hygiene services. Trailblazers share tips to bring customers and brands together in an email series full of marketing heroics.</p>

    <p>These are the automated emails you get in your inbox after taking a certain action on a website. This could be anything from filling out a form, to purchasing a product, to updating you on the progress of your order. Often, these are plain text emails that marketers set and forget. Now that you know how to responsibly wield email marketing, grab some inspiration from the masterful email marketing campaigns below.</p>

    <p>We’ll create your email marketing account using third-party tool such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, etc. This is the best way to figure out how email fits into your larger marketing campaigns and make sure all your marketing efforts work together in harmony. And the best part is that once someone subscribes to your email list, you can contact them at will for virtually zero cost.</p>

    <p>You can also use email to do a promotion specifically for your customers, where you send them a coupon or discount code to use online or in the store. Customers who redeem coupons from Square spend, on average, 25 percent more on that sale than they do on their average purchase. Informational email does exactly that — provides information. That information might be an update on new products, an engaging piece of content you created, or a just a reminder to visit your business.</p>


    <p>If someone hasn’t engaged with your emails in at least six months, send a reactivation campaign or even ask for a second opt-in. When it comes to email marketing, design is just as important as the content. The look and feel of your email is going to communicate a message about your company and its values.</p>

    <p>Mailchimp is a leader in email marketing tools that you’ve probably heard of. Their free plan provides you with basic email marketing features such as email creation and scheduling. What makes this a great email marketing tool is its smart recommendations feature, which provides you with valuable audience insights to optimize your marketing efforts.</p>

    <p>Get access to the latest marketing technology that allows you to see what contacts are up to in real time in order to turn more prospects into customers. Email marketing is an efficient, cost-effective way to market your business. With our permission-based email marketing, your message will reach a welcoming, engaged audience. We’ll help you target to demographic, lifestyle or geographic criteria. Email has overtaken all other forms of communication as the desired form of contact for businesses. Establish direct lines of communication with your customers to easily and efficiently promote products, services, events, and specials with our e-mail marketing solutions. Which email marketing tools have you used before and which ones would you recommend?</p>

    <p>One way to make sure you’re staying on track is to create a content calendar to schedule your campaigns, blog posts, social media posts, and more. Gary Thuerk, a Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp, sent the first commercial email years later, where the message reached a list of email addresses. There were only a few hundred people on the list, but that was enough for Thuerk to claim the mantle, "Father of Spam." With Mailchimp’s flexible email marketing templates and intuitive designer, it's easy to send emails that really click.</p>

    <p>Mail the right emails at the wrong time to the wrong prospect, and people will opt out of your emails . Because e-commerce email marketing isn’t about the right strategy; it’s about the right sequencing. I rely on social media and email marketing to keep my clients up to date and that‘s why I turn to VerticalResponse. As an e-commerce business, email is the single most important way to communicate with my customers.</p>

    <p>That helps lead to the massive ROI potential of email marketing. Grow your business and profits with the strategic use of email marketing. By the time you finish, you’ll be able to effectively monetize any email list, while simultaneously increasing engagement with your subscribers. Your editorial team will use email to distribute the content they create and add value to subscribers on an on-going basis. Every marketing professional should understand how email marketing can be leveraged to move prospects through the customer journey—especially your monetization team.</p>

    <p>Transactional emails are sent on the request of the sender and include password resets, appointment confirmations, and shipping notifications. Both forms of email are crucial to a successful communications channel.</p>

    <p>Keeping it simple, there’s two main things you need to run email marketing campaigns. Email marketing campaigns are used to promote, whether it’s to promote a special offer, a new product release, an ebook, or a webinar.</p>

    <p>A campaign could consist of 3 – 10 emails sent over several days or weeks. The primary purpose of a transactional email is to convey information regarding the action that triggered it. Create email marketing campaigns like a pro with our easy-to-use features. When people talk about email marketing, lots of them forget to mention transactional emails.</p>

    <p>Monetize your email campaigns with shoppable messages and built-in ecommerce tools. GetResponse's email marketing tools are consistent and reliable, even when I'm not. You don’t want to send email that sounds too good to be true , but you do want to appeal to your customers with great offers and easy-to-understand language. Square Email Marketing has beautiful, ready-to-use templates for special occasions and everyday messages. Even if customers like your brand, they don’t want you to blow up their inbox, so unless they sign up for a daily newsletter, be conservative about how often you email them.</p>

    <p>Optimization is just as important to your emails as it is to any of your other marketing campaigns. For example, a study by the Relevancy Group found that marketers who add video to their email campaigns see a rise in revenue of approximately 40%. Infographics, lists, and promotions/discounts also make for very appealing emails. The first step to starting an email marketing campaign is to gather an email list.</p>

    <p>You can also do some A/B testing to see what frequency has the best performance. We hope this guide has helped you learn how to create an effective email marketing campaign. David Ogilvy once said that 80 cents of your dollar should be spent on writing headlines. So, spend the majority of your time writing and polishing your subject line. A great email subject line entices curiosity about the content of the email. For example, it could consist of a series of educational videos, a sales video, and follow-ups to sell your information products. Or, you could create a sequence of free educational emails, and then invite leads to a live or recorded webinar where you make an offer.</p>

    <p>This will allow you to send targeted, relevant emails to everyone on your email list. Setup Inactivity Triggers.Set alerts for subscribers who stop opening your emails and attempt a re-engagement strategy. Get their feedback on why they aren’t opening your emails anymore. Having a sound email marketing plan allows you to focus on the parts of your business that you love. Most people who land on this page are looking for a quick win on a short term email campaign.</p>

    <p>Appealing to the consumer’s interests can significantly increase conversion and the amount of time spent on your site. Before you can succeed with email marketing, you must understand your customer needs. This starts by evaluating information like customer demographics and purchase history. Every eCommerce platform collects customer data after purchase.</p>

    <p>Reach new customers, send behavior‑based campaigns, and increase engagement with your app. There’s no hard, fast rule when talking about how often to send marketing emails, so we recommend that you ask your subscribers how often they want to hear from you.</p>

    <p>A trigger marketing campaign automatically sends email to individual users based on an action, inaction, or some other variable. These can be incredibly effective, in part because they are so personalized. Marketing email in the United States is subject to the CAN-SPAM Act in the U.S. . Before you start sending marketing email, make sure you are familiar with all the applicable regulations. There are a lot of great reasons why email should be a vital tool in your marketing toolkit, but what makes it most appealing is that it’s one of the least expensive means of marketing. It’s also extremely effective in helping you gather data that enables you to better appeal to your customers.</p>

    <p>Rather than sending an email and waiting hours or days for an answer, you can reach the service and get quick help for the problems you're experiencing. Additionally, most providers have an extensive knowledge base of user guides, videos and whitepapers that explain the ins and outs of the service and how to use each feature. You can also get data on whether your email campaigns are resonating on social media by checking which messages are being liked and shared on Facebook or retweeted on Twitter.</p>

    <p>It even helps you build accurate buyer profiles based on your subscriber actions, so you’ll be able to optimize your existing email strategy and craft compelling offers. What makes HubSpot Email Marketing stand out is, of course, its native integration with other HubSpot tools, such as the free-forever CRM. Once you start an account, you get access to both tools so you can create a centralized contacts database, organize it in lists, and manage and track email performance. HubSpot, probably best known for their marketing automation platform, recently launched a free email marketing tool that can support a lot of a small business’ transactional email needs.</p>

    <p>For example, A/B testing enables you to test two or more versions of an email and compare how they perform. Keep in mind that people read emails on their computers, phones, and other mobile devices. Consider how your email design looks on both mobile and computer. Some marketers choose to create an email optimized for both mobile and web, while others prefer creating different versions for each. Acquiring new email addresses is the golden goose for marketers, but experts point out that there are inherent dangers. New signups risk a Spamhaus listing because emailing multiple times to a new registrant who never opens or clicks is a high-risk gamble. This newly acquired email address can likely be a spam trap, and repeated emailing to it can trigger having your emails blocked.</p>

    <p>A/B test your campaigns to a smaller portion of your email to see what resonates best with your recipients before sending to your entire list. Email marketing frequency is going to vary among senders and industries. But one thing is for sure, overdoing it with email is a fast way to lose subscribers. Much like send time, there is no one right answer to how often you should be emailing your subscribers. Start conservatively and test sending frequency until you’ve found the sweet spot for your brand. Understanding the difference between transactional and engagement marketing emails is key to guiding your overall email strategy.</p>

    <p>Email marketing is a digital marketing channel that uses an email service provider to send large amounts of email to an email list. The goal of email marketing is to persuade the recipient to click or make purchases directly from that email. This action is also known as a conversion, and it is one of the most illuminating metrics of how successful your email program is. Hopefully this post has given you some ideas on how to improve your own email marketing campaigns. As always, if something has worked for you that I haven’t covered, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.</p>

    <p>You can also add new subscribers to specific segments using Mailchimp Groups + OptinMonster. We also do not recommend adding emails from people’s business cards that you collected at conferences.</p>

    <p>If you’ve been considering using a text message or SMS campaign, email marketing might actually be a better choice for you. If you’re not already utilizing email marketing, it is definitely something you should consider in order to reach a wider audience and strengthen your brand’s relationship with current customers. When it comes to email marketing, you don’t want to neglect your campaigns because essentially you want to ensure they are generating a return on investment for you. This is a great resource for any business owner that may have less time on their hands to keep track of every little detail of their email campaigns. For small businesses, it’s always best to start with developing a simple welcome email to send as a first email to new customers. Email marketing can also be used to build trust with customers over time, in order to turn them into repeat customers.</p>

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