TopicUpdates of RS Incense Burner and more in Firemaking

  • Wed 27th May 2020 - 9:59am

    There will see a series of updates in RuneScape Firemaking in March, which includes the updates of incense burner, fire spirit and balloon transport system. Here are the more details about these updatees. Additionally, don't forget you can find enough cheapest RS 2007 gold from us.

    Update of Incense Burner

    As an artisan skill, as well as a companion skill of Woodcutting, Firemaking is mainly used to burn logs to create fires for cooking raw food on the spot, and searching dark environment. The burnt ashes from the skill can be sold as a ingredient to create Serum 207 potion in Grand Exchange. Besides, the skill are also required in quests like As a First Resort, Recipe for Disaster, etc..

    After the update of incense burner, the skill will become more interesting. The burners can be created by sticks made from logs combining with Prayer ash, then with herb. Creating a incense burner will not improve Firemaking efficiently. However, the burner and its components can be traded in GE. Burning burners with different herbs (Tarromin, Marrentill, Wergali, etc.) once, you will enjoy a 40-minute buff that becomes stronger every 10 minutes.

    Updates of Fire Spirit and Balloon Transport System

    The updates in the fire spirit will bring you a countdown timer bar to tell when the spirits will disappear. Besides, interacting with the fire spirit no longer cause interruption in Firemaking, and the drops from the fire spirits will be changed. Some of the less valuable items will be replaced by small bonus experience. While in the balloon transport system, though you can use any kind of log to store travel charges, the logs you utilize will affect the amount of charges you gain.

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  • Wed 10th Jun 2020 - 11:26am

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