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    Limited edition Hublot Classic Fusion chronograph for Capri, Ibiza and Mykonos

    Cyclone for a month on sunny islands across Europe, Hublot fake watches Management released three new works to celebrate the brand's existence of Capri, Ibiza and Mykonos. Although the composition of each piece is very different, the three new models (all strictly restricting all models) run through a distinct summer theme. This new special edition trio features a sky blue, white and cool character, combined with two fascinating elements, marking this run as an essential wristband for island hopping vacationers.

    Hublot understands its market. This is not the first time that LVMH powers have released versions for the Mediterranean island. In addition to the extraordinary realistic bottom cover of the Capri model, the ice blue ceramic elements of the Capri and Mykonos models and the re-use of the “windmill”, there is not much to be excited about the brand lovers. The second is on the Mykonos model. Ibiza works – white and dark blue with the fancy “Lobby of Hublot Loves Ibiza” – the least novelty to mention, but its simpler color and obvious nautical feel may make it Rich yacht owners get along very well.

    Therefore, for these models themselves, it is actually the same: Hublot Classic Fusion chronograph Capri (reference number 521.EX.8920.RW.CAP19) is perhaps the most feminine. In addition to describing "sky blue" as blue, Hublot has no other attempts, which is a rare opportunity for high-end watchmakers to talk about the specifics of its blue version. Although I praise Hublot not to plung into my biggest pet roar, in this case, the blue shadow is so rare, maybe it should give it a ridiculous emotional name, so let's stop and talk about whether it is It is a color that can be comfortably placed on a five-digit swiss fake watches.

    In my opinion, this seems to be green, more green hints, making it more feminine than the simple North Carolina tar high heel sky blue shadow. In isolation, it is certainly not an attractive color, but considering that it uses a polished and satin-finished ceramic bezel and a sun dial, it has a lot of color on the watch. And at 45 mm, there is no shrinking violet at this time. At least its thickness of 13.05 mm is not so important that the model wears like a brick at the end of the rope.

    The Ibiza model (521.EX.2090.LR.IBZ19) is the same size, but the color scheme is completely different. The dark blue ceramic case surrounds a matte white dial with a CVD-treated appliqué. This is a serious task, but there is no doubt that there will be followers. Although this noble bottom cover decoration will not suit everyone, I am sure that it will keep pace with the tourists who regularly come to the island and love it for some people. Both the Ibiza and Capri models are powered by the HUB1143 calibre, which contains 280 parts and an automatic chronograph movement. It operates at 28,800 vph and has a power reserve of 42 hours.

    Although I dare not say this, in this version, my personal favorite is the titanium case Mykonos model (reference number 525.NL.0179.LR.MYO19). Known for its wind and traditional windmills, the island is a paradise for wealthy tourists who are happy to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the Mykonos-themed souvenirs (especially luxury varieties). The main streets of Mykonos are full of luxury boutiques whose products have been adapted to reference the iconic windmills along the coast and watch the welcoming sea. The titanium and King Gold version of the hollowed-down dial (reference 525.OL.0189.LR.MYO19) adds a touch of brilliance to the delicate dial, making full use of the HUB1155 movement. Although the HUB1155 has the same operating frequency and power reserve as the 1143, it has reduced 73 components. thereby,U-BOAT U-42 replica watches

    Like the Capri and Ibiza variants, both Mykonos models are 45mm, but the thickness of the wrist is 13.40mm higher. All of these limited edition watches, which are said to be available on the beach, are water resistant to 50 meters and are therefore not suitable for strenuous exercise with you.

    Grand Seiko STGK011 and STGK013 Women's Watches

    In the watch egarded industry as having to go to finish, it is never a surprise, when the highest standard of a large Seiko towards the creation of jewelry pieces women turned into a considerable talent. The only surprise is that it doesn't happen often. The last female GS version we covered is part of the 2018 Baselworld review. However, since then, the Elegance series has greatly improved its gaming performance, with the launch of men's wear such as the replica Grand Seiko Elegance Spring Drive 20 Anniversary men's watch. . Somewhere in the process, there must be someone who believes that the women's collection should receive the same attention. Therefore, I am happy to say that the women's lineup has just welcomed two new members, Grand Seiko STGK011 and Grand Seiko STGK013.

    The new 9S27 calibre makes these ultra-thin mechanical products possible with a working frequency of 28,800 vph, a power reserve of 50 hours and a thickness of only 4.49 mm. It opens up countless possibilities in the use of watches designed for the Grand Seiko elegant collection. In recognition of the true form, Grand Seiko's designers differentiated their artistic talents with a slim movement case design. This novel, shocking diamond-encrusted form is undoubtedly the brand's new thing, greatly enriching the women's collection.

    If you think it looks a bit strange, but can't pinpoint its strangeness, please allow me to help: this 30.6mm x 12.7mm case has no borders. Although the watch industry does not stipulate that the case requires a bezel, we are still used to seeing them on Grand Seikos. This is a good contact and adds a sense of sculpturality to the proceedings. This case design originated in 1967, when the Grand Seiko 62GS was popular with its bold and feminine borderless case, so the brand decided to revitalize it by releasing the Grand Seiko STGK011 and Grand Seiko. Seiko STGK013

    The rows of diamonds along the sides of the sapphire crystal glass seem to hang the dial in midair. The diamond is set on the polished surface of Zaratsu, which is hand-finished and therefore does not distort and is a good basis for diamond sparkling. 0.38 carats are shared by 38 diamonds (19 on each side of the crystal) and further divided into 0.03 carats between the slightly larger two diamonds set in the diagonal of the 12 o'clock position. meter.Breitling Premier B01 AB0118A21B1A1 replica

    Cleverly continue to perform the dial. Choose between deep mother-of-pearl or delicate silver patterns, and the hours of the two dials are marked with the applied leaf-shaped hour markers and polished to the brand's world-renowned standard.

    The purple stormy color of this mother-of-pearl variant is called "Kuroki Murakami" and is regarded as a symbol of status in Japan. Its subtle features mean that it can throw different appearances from all angles and constantly change and change in the light.

    The Grand Seiko STGK011 and Grand Seiko STGK013 slots go directly into the elegant collection, providing a truly feminine watch for true watch enthusiasts. I believe that the credibility of the movement and the finishing of the advanced case and dial make these watches one of the most impressive ladies' watches of 2019.BREMONT ALT1-C CLASSIC POLISHED ALT1-C/PW

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