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  • Mon 20th Jul 2020 - 6:29pm

    2019 Richard Mille True Tourbillon Titanium RM 052, RM 027

    Rich Mille (Richard Mille) is considered the most powerful tourbillon watch within 2019, models are RM052 and RM027, in addition to the one-barrel barrel case, they have been high-tech style, they recognize their breakthrough Traditional motion structure, I have always appreciated this complex watch is usually difficult to produce in many watch manufactures in the world, but this year has produced the biggest breakthrough. These two products are very close to the real RM Watch. Jacob & Co Opera Godfather Minute Repeater OP500. 40. AA. AA. ABALA


    Find a see to learn more about the available backup of RICHARD MILLE.


    RM 052 is definitely impressive with its unique design as well as strong style. Although it is not the first watch with a skeletal frame dial and decorative techniques, but unlike other timepieces, the head on the RM 052 dial is actually the bottom menu of the movement, the movements and the case with a 4-knife. connected.


    RM027 is a watch launched inside cooperation with the little playing golf prince Nadal. Since Nadal's matching watch number is actually 027, especially RM027, Wci?? participated in this RM027 entire tennis match. After the sport, the watch is in good condition. Richard Mille RM 11-03


    In order to make this watch ideal for Nadal's intense tennis opposition, watchmakers tried to use a various materials, without considering traditional components, even titanium is considered really heavy. As always, they are also mastering the possibility of using high-tech supplies in the aerospace industry. For that reason the shell is made of some sort of composite carbon fiber shell, and also unnecessary parts are taken off as much as possible. The heaviest motion.


    Although the dimensions structure of M027 has become greatly simplified, in fact , typically the three-dimensional effect is sufficient, plus the charm of mechanical wrist watches can be intuitively felt. replica urwerk watches


    By far the most advanced technology creates the supreme craft. The tourbillon with six o'clock is included with the watch, demonstrating their excellent watchmaking craftsmanship. Throughout the design of the style and farming process, the watch tourbillon excels and adds to the charm on the watch. decoration.


    The height of the case lock composition is restored to the first level, the sides are well refined, the shape of the crown is equivalent to the original case, the finished crown is shiny, common and very beautiful, the disadvantage is usually that the three-dimensional effect is a little bit insufficient.


    The best rubber strap imported via Indonesia is based on the real RM027 honeycomb strap, which is extremely unique and also very well suited for summer wear. The overall experiencing is very light, but high-priced, but very handsome. replica watches for sale

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