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  • Wed 24th Feb 2016 - 5:10am

    Isometrics Strength Review Your core training should of course include plenty of work for the abdominal wall, but if you want the best stabilization and functional power, do more for your sides than your front. For real core strength, train the obliques twice and the abdominal wall once. Train the obliques with both side bends and twisting motions for both high and low reps however not more than 15 or less than 8. It's also very smart to target the obliques with not only direct work but accessory lifts that heavily incorporate them. This includes one sided training like one legged squats, one arm overhead presses, one arm rows, one arm deadlifts and quite a few TRX exercises. Another great way to add functional strength to the core is by carrying heavy weights for a short distance. This is performed by carrying a heavy kettlebell, dumbbell or plate (more than 50 lbs.) at the chest level for 50-100 ft. Carrying weights with only one side is one of the best ways to train the obliques; these are called suitcase carries and performed exactly how they sound. Other great oblique exercises include heavy dumbbell side bends, handing side bends, offset bar bends (side bends with a squat bar offset on your back), anchored barbell work, twists with weights, med balls and hammers and wood choppers with cables or bands.  When you want improved performance, it's important you keep your program varied with different exercises all the time. Performing the same exercise/rep scheme over and over again will only help a brand new beginner for a short period of time. Intermediate and advanced athletes must keep their training fresh by switching exercises all the time. Vary your program with different core exercises to give your system a hardiness for activity in every direction. Also include exercises to emphasize other posterior chain musculature like the glutes, lower back, upper back, traps and neck. These include kettle bell swings, adductor exercises, back raises, reverse hypers and tons of hamstring work with glute ham raises, good mornings and romainian dead lifts. Adding this emphasis to your program will greatly enhance your core work and ensure better carry over into other athletics. I'm Dan Levesque, owner/operator of For more information about strength training or developing a stronger, less injury-prone spine, contact me through our website. I have been a sports chiropractor, professional powerlifter and strength coach for more than 20 years and am also the author of a new innovative system of strength conditioning for wrestlers. This system will be for sale on our website along with tons of other combat gear including wrestling equipment,  mma fight supplies and apparel. The goal of our store is to help athletes reach their full potential by offering great, useful information and top quality equipment at prices they can afford.

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    Fitness and health are terms which need to be kept hand in hand. Beach resorts in Gokarna We can’t tell that a man with a fit body is always staying healthy. Proper diet practices and a regular exercise regime can keep the body strength well.

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